Ad blocking using third-party extensions

Attention. This feature is in beta, so it is not available to all users.

You can block ads in the mobile Yandex Browser using special extensions. Install an extension supported by Yandex Browser on your tablet, and it'll block ads on websites.

  1. Supported extensions
  2. Enable or disable content blocking
  3. Control ad blocking on individual sites

Enable or disable content blocking

To turn on ad blocking:

  1. Tap   → Settings.
  2. Go to Content blocking.
  3. Tap Content blocker extensions.
  4. The screen shows the ad blocking extensions installed on your tablet. Select the desired extension.

To disable ad blocking, open the list of extensions and select Disable. When you remove an extension from your tablet, it's automatically disabled.

Control ad blocking on individual sites

Sometimes you will be required to allow ads on a specific site. Examples are if an extension blocks necessary page elements along with ads, or if a site can't open when ad blocking is enabled.

Unblock ads on a site

Tap  → Unblock content.

To resume ad blocking, tap Block content.

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