Protect: site security indicators

The website security level is shown in the SmartBox using connection status icons.

Icon Description
HTTP protocol is in use.
Uses the HTTPS protocol, which protects data being sent by encrypting it. Make sure the page header shows this icon before you begin entering confidential information on a website (like your bank card number).
Data transfer might not be secure. This icon appears if the page has a form that sends data over the HTTP protocol without encryption, or if Yandex is not familiar with the publisher of the page’s locally-installed certificate, or if images load over an unsecure protocol on a page that loads over HTTPS.
Antishock blocked part of the page contents.
This webpage could harm your tablet. The website’s certificate might have been revoked or might not be current.

If you tap the icon in the SmartBox, the Protect toolbar will appear where you can get more detailed information about the connection status and also enable or disable:

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