Convenient reading view for web pages

In order to make reading pages on the tablet easier, turn on reading mode, use word wrap, and change the page display scaling.

  1. Reader mode
  2. Text wrap (auto-fit)
  3. Text zoom
  4. Full website version

Reader mode

Reader mode lets you view pages so that only text and accompanying images or videos display. Other page elements (banners, interactive elements, social network buttons, etc.) are hidden.

Switch to Reader mode
Restriction. If Reader mode is not shown in the menu and there is no icon in the SmartBox, Reader mode can't be enabled for this page.

Tap in the SmartBox.

Exit Reader mode

Tap in the SmartBox.

Text wrap (auto-fit)

If you increase the page zoom on a website, the text may go off the screen. Turn on the Auto-fit option so you won't have to scroll horizontally in order to read a sentence.

Enable auto-fit
  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. In Text zoom and auto-fit, enable Auto-fit text to screen.

Text zoom

You can scale the text size on pages in the browser. To do this:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. In Text zoom and auto-fit, enter a scale using the slider.
Note. Some sites do not allow browsers to change the text scale. If you still want to change the text scale, enable Ignore site requests to forbid font zoom in Text zoom and auto-fit.

Full website version

Mobile versions of sites are displayed in the browser by default. To open the full version:

Tap  → Desktop version.

To go back to the mobile version, tap  → Mobile version.

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