Importing history and bookmarks

Attention. Data import isn't available to all users yet, because it is still under development.

Data can currently be imported from Google Chrome and the Android system browser. The list of browsers will be expanded in the future.

  1. Automatic settings import
  2. Manually importing history and bookmarks

Automatic settings import

During installation, mobile Yandex Browser offers to transfer your settings from the browser that was previously set as the default browser.

The following data is imported:

  • browsing history
  • bookmarks
  • passwords and autofill data (encrypted)

Manually importing history and bookmarks

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Go to the Import bookmarks and history section.
  3. Select the browser to import data from.
  4. Your bookmarks and history are imported by default. If you don't want to import your bookmarks or history, disable the corresponding option.
  5. Tap Import data.