Protect: Security for passwords and bank cards

Password managers save you from having to remember or record passwords for websites because they store passwords in encrypted formats and automatically enter them into website forms. Yandex Browser for Mobile has its own built-in password manager. It allows you to:

  • Easily manage usernames and passwords for websites: view, delete or change them.
  • Use the same password vault on all your synced devices.
  • Securely protect the vault by using a master password that only you know.
  • Restore passwords if you forgot the master password (provided that you created a backup encryption key).
  • Protect yourself from phishing (the browser will not enter your username and password in fake site authorization forms because it checks the URL rather than the appearance of the site).

You can store your card data in the browser or on a Yandex server in an encrypted format so that it can be inserted in web payment forms for you. The same algorithm is used to encrypt the card data as for password encryption.

Learn more about the password manager and card manager:

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