Protect: Saved passwords

When you enter a password on a website for the first time, Yandex Browser for Mobile asks if you want to save it. When you visit this website in the future, your saved password will be entered for you automatically.

  1. Saving your password
  2. Password generator
  3. Automatic password retrieval
  4. Switch usernames

Saving your password

Attention. To protect your data, use passwords that are complex but easy to remember on all websites.

By default, the browser remembers the password you enter on a site. If you are not happy with this, turn off Save password in browser, which appears above the virtual keyboard when you type the password.

If you previously set a master password, type it. The master password is used in the encryption algorithm to reliably protect the password vault (because only you know the master password).

Password generator

An automatically generated password is not easy to hack, because it is a random set of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. You don't need to memorize these passwords because the password manager puts them into forms for you automatically, and you can view them whenever you want to. To protect passwords in the vault, use a master password.

To generate a password:

  1. Tap in the password box.
  2. Tap the generated password above the virtual keyboard (it appears automatically as soon as the browser detects a registration form or change password form).

The generated password is saved in the password manager.

Automatic password retrieval

Enter your username. When you enter a username, your usernames for signing into this website appear above the virtual keyboard. Choose one of them to put the username and password from the password manager into the form.

If you have already created a master password, you must enter it after selecting or entering a username. This allows the browser to decrypt the password for the website and put it in the form.

Switch usernames

To log in to a website using a different name, put the cursor in the field where you enter your username. The browser will display a list of usernames you have used for various websites above the virtual keyboard. Select one of them.

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