Mobile browser (Android Smartphone)

Protect: Antishock

Attention! Antishock isn't available to all users yet because it is still under development.

Antishock is a Yandex.Browser technology that blocks banner ads with unpleasant images, pornography, or advertising for websites that may offer fraudulent services.

Why this type of ad might be threatening:

  • Shock. Ads might contain pornographic images, animation with real or fake tragedies, disasters, and so on.
  • Obtrusiveness. When you open a new page and touch any area or interface element, you might see a new window with an ad that is not related to the site.
  • Theft of passwords or money. Popup windows may pretend to be notifications from social networks, program updates, or messages from antivirus programs about malicious files. If you tap them, you might give your passwords to attackers or lose money.
  • Fee-based services. Banner ads may contain deceptive messages (for example, about prize winnings, weight loss, predictions, and so on). Clicking on them can lead to money being deducted from your mobile phone account.
Disable Antishock

Antishock is activated by default. To turn off Antishock:

  1. Tap (if you don't see the icon, press the menu button on your smartphone).
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Go to the section Shocking ad blocker.
  4. Move the switch to the Off position.