The browser cache is a folder containing copies of some data from the pages that you've visited. The cache usually stores page elements that aren't likely to change often, such as music, videos, images, styles, and scripts. When you open a page you've visited before, the browser doesn't access it on the internet again but loads it from the cache instead. This makes the page open faster and decreases the network load.

Clear the cache

  1. Tap  in the browser (if you don't see the icon, press the menu button on your smartphone).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to the Privacy section.
  4. Tap Clear data.
  5. Select Cache.
  6. Deselect all other options (if you only want to delete the browser cache).
  7. Tap Clear data.
  8. Confirm deletion.

Transfer your cache to an SD card

By default, the cache is written to the internal memory of your smartphone. To save space in the internal storage, you can transfer your cache to an SD card. It must meet the Yandex Browser requirements. The app will check the card when you try to transfer cache.

Attention. The data that you copy to an external drive becomes accessible to all third-party apps, including malicious ones. To protect your data, Yandex Browser encrypts cache when transferring it to an SD card.
Enable cache transfer
  1. Tap  in the browser (if you don't see the icon, press the menu button on your smartphone).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to More settings and turn on Save cache to SD card.
  4. Wait for the app to check the SD card. It may take a few minutes
  5. If your SD card meets the requirements, select:
    • Restart to restart the browser immediately and start writing the cache to your SD card.
    • Later to put off restarting the browser and transferring your cache until later. The cache will be transferred after you restart Yandex Browser. Until you restart the browser, the cache is written to your device's internal memory.
Note. If this feature isn't available, it means that it isn't supported by your device manufacturer or your Android version.
Automatic cache transfer

If the transfer is enabled, your write access to the SD card is checked every time you restart, install, or update the browser. If you have access, the cache will automatically be transferred to your SD card.

What happens if I remove the SD card

If the card is removed, the cache will write to the internal memory of your device.

If the memory card is removed while Yandex Browser is running, the browser will continue working, but the cache won't resume writing until you restart the browser. After restarting, the cache will write to the internal memory of your smartphone.

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