Differences from the Yandex app

Compared with the Yandex app, Yandex Browser has more features:

  • Reader mode. Removes extra elements on the page that interfere with reading.
  • Power saving mode. Extends battery life without recharging the battery.
  • Password manager. Protects your passwords, stores them, and enters them into website forms.
  • Protect security system. Protects against threats like untrusted certificates, malicious pages, paid subscriptions, and more.
  • Privacy tools. Use them to delete cookie files and block trackers.
  • Extensions. Use them to add extra features to your browser.
  • Download manager. Helps manage your downloaded files.
  • Saves pages to your device.
  • Bank card manager. Protects your bank card data, stores it, and enters it into website forms.
  • Ad blocker. Hides annoying and inappropriate ads.

If you can't find the information you need in Help or you are having issues with Yandex Browser, please describe your actions step by step. Take a screenshot if possible. This will help our support specialists quickly find a solution for the issue you're experiencing.

Note. If you are having issues with Yandex Browser for Desktop, contact us using the feedback form.