Mobile browser (Android Smartphone)

Bookmarks on various devices

After enabling syncing, your browser will display bookmarks from all other synced devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). Bookmarks from devices of the same type are combined into one list. For example, if syncing is enabled on two computers and a smartphone, then you will see a folder titled Computer in your bookmarks on the smartphone. This folder will contain bookmarks from both computers.

Go to a bookmark on a particular device
  1. Tap  to switch to tab navigation mode.
  2. Tap the  icon.
  3. Open the appropriate section: Computer, Tablet or Phone.
  4. Tap the appropriate bookmark.
Bookmark syncing features
  • If you add or delete bookmarks on one device, then these changes will be reflected on your other devices, provided that they're connected to the internet and logged in under your account.
  • If you create multiple bookmarks for the same page, then the one that synchronizes with the server first will be saved.