Solving problems

This section provides solutions to the most common problems that occur when using the browser. If you didn't find your issue in the list, send a message to the Support service using the Feedback form.

Installation and updates

When installing the browser, I get the error "Not a valid Win32 application"

Error when updating the browser

The browser is not updated

Error installing browser on Linux

Memory and performance

Browser is slow

The browser creates too many processes

The browser uses too much memory

Extensions and apps

An installed extension is disabled

My extension is disabled

Extension authenticity could not be verified

My extension didn't pass verification

Extension button isn't displayed on the panel

Crashes, errors, and website access issues

A website doesn't open in any browsers

Proxy server error

A website doesn't open in Yandex.Browser

My page in social networks is blocked

A page doesn't open

No access to social networks

A webpage has a redirect loop

Error message “You have changed your password but your information is still encrypted with your old password”

A page opens with a request to send an SMS, or another type of suspicious site

“Your profile is faulty” error


Video, music, or games are not playing

The browser doesn't support NPAPI and Unity

Error “Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is outdated”

Shockwave crash

Music doesn't play on websites

Widgets disappear from the Tableau

The background doesn't change on the Tableau page

On Linux, video doesn't work in the browser

Displaying site content

Images are not displayed

Page content is displayed incorrectly

Ad blocks aren't displayed

A site loads but part of the functionality doesn't work

Fuzzy font