Use tabs to open multiple pages in a single browser window. You can open new tabs, move them, or pin them.

Actions with tabs

The following actions are available for tabs:

  • Create tab — click .
  • Close tab — click on the tab.
  • Move tab (only in Windows) — click and hold using the left mouse button. Then move the tab to the right or left.
  • Print tab contents — open the context menu and choose Print.
  • Go to the top of the page — to quickly go to the top of the page, click the tab; to go back to the original position, click the tab again.
  • Pin the tab — open the context menu and choose Pin tab.
  • Reopen a tab — open the Tableau and go to Recently closed.

Dead browser tabs

You can use the task manager to close tabs that aren't working correctly and view classic Yandex.Browser operation statistics. To open the task manager, click  → Advanced → Advanced instruments → Task manager.

Using shortcuts for managing tabs

Switching between tabs
Move one tab to left Ctrl + PgUp
Move one tab to right Ctrl + PgDown
Select tab by its number order (from 1 to 8) Ctrl + 1-8
Select last tab Ctrl + 9
Opening tabs
Create new tab Ctrl + T
Open link in new tab Ctrl + click link
Open last closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Closing tabs
Close active tab Ctrl + W
Dead tabs and windows
Open the task dispatcher Shift + Esc