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Questions about security

How is Yandex.Browser protected?

Yandex.Browser uses its own integrated security system, which includes scanning downloaded files for viruses, blocking infected and fraudulent websites and shocking advertising, and securing Wi-Fi connections, user passwords, credit card data, and browser settings.

What type of virus protection does Yandex.Browser have?

Yandex.Browser checks all executable and archived files for viruses, and blocks pages that may spread malware.

For more information, see the sections Checking downloaded files for viruses and Blocking dangerous pages.

Will the Yandex.Browser protection conflict with my antivirus program?

The security mechanism in Yandex.Browser doesn't conflict with other security applications (anti-virus software and firewalls). It's worth bearing in mind that it does not guarantee complete protection of your computer from modern internet threats. For full security, we recommend using fully-functional antivirus products.

How can I turn on the family content filter?

You can't do this directly in the browser.

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