Questions about the browser interface

What are the “Copy” and “Share” buttons for?

If you put the cursor in the SmartBox, the Copy and Share buttons appear in it:

Copy — click this button to copy the address of the current page to the clipboard.

Share — click this button and choose a social network to share a link to the current page with your friends.

For more information, see the section ../search-and-browse/search.html#search__sharepanel.

How can I turn off the “Copy” and “Share” buttons?

To remove the Copy and Share buttons from SmartBox:

  1. Click   → Settings.
  2. Go to the Appearance section.
  3. Turn off the Display the “Copy” and “Share” buttons in the SmartBox option.

For more information, see the section ../search-and-browse/search.html#search__sharepanel.

How do I change the background?

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. Click the link  Settings under Tableau.
  3. Select a background image at the bottom of the page or upload your own image by clicking the icon.
  4. Click Done.

Can I choose my own background in the browser?

You can choose your own image as a background.

Yandex.Browser offers pre-installed animated backgrounds to choose from.

Will animated backgrounds slow down the computer and wear down the battery?

We strive to make the browser adapt to the computer's capabilities and be fast on any device.

If the Disable animated backgrounds when battery is low option is enabled in your settings, then your background animation will stop automatically when your battery gets low. This option is enabled by default.

What does the lock on Tableau widgets mean?

A lock on a widget means the website is pinned to this position on the Tableau. The browser automatically changes the Tableau based on how often you visit various websites. If the lock is closed, the widget will always stay in the same place.

How can I add more widgets to the Tableau?

At this time, you can't add more than 20 widgets to the Tableau.

Why isn't the Tableau syncing?

In the most recent version of the browser, syncing the Tableau was discontinued. We believe that with the use of browsers for smartphones and tablets, syncing pinned widgets does more harm than good.

We are working toward giving users a different way to access the list of pinned widgets from any device.

How can I show icons on the bookmarks bar?

To enable displaying favicons on the bookmarks bar:

  1. Click   → Settings.

  2. In the Show bookmarks bar section, set the Show icons option.

For more information, see the section Bookmarks.

Can I replace the site's name with its icon on the bookmarks bar?

To display the favicon on the bookmarks bar instead of the site name:

  1. Make sure the bookmarks bar is turned on. If the toolbar is disabled, click   → Bookmarks → Show bookmarks panel.
  2. Click   → Settings.

  3. In the Show bookmarks bar section, set the Show icons option.
  4. Open the bookmarks bar and right-click on the bookmark.
  5. In the context menu, select Edit.
  6. In the Bookmark window, clear the Name field.

For more information, see the section Bookmarks.

Why isn't there a button to switch back to the classic interface?

We removed the button to switch to the classic interface from the new versions of Yandex.Browser. We are gradually phasing out support for the classic interface and actively developing the browser in the new interface.

Why are the Tableau widgets a different size now?

The size of the widgets on the Tableau changed because the browser has a new feature called Zen.

Zen is the Yandex personal recommendation service. It selects news articles, blog posts, and other publications that you may find interesting. The selection is based on your browsing history and stated preferences. Recommendations start appearing in your browser once there's enough material to analyze and base selections on.

To disable Zen:

  1. Click   → Settings.
  2. Go to the Appearance section.
  3. Deselect the Show Zen — your personal recommendations feed — in new open tabs option.