Viewing files in the browser

Which types of files can be viewed?

Internet files can be viewed directly in Yandex.Browser — they will be opened in a new tab. The browser supports files and e-books with the following extensions:

File extension Supported
epub +
fb2, +
xml +
css +
txt +
rtf +
pdf +
doc, docx, dot, dotm, dotx +
ppt, pptx, ppts, pot, potx, potm +
odt +
sxw +
prd, prs +
tmd, tmv +
prv +
Note. If the website owner does not allow opening files in Yandex.Browser, the file is downloaded to the user’s computer. To open it in the browser, drag the icon of the downloaded file from the toolbar to the browser window, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O (Windows) or + O (Mac OS).

How can I open a file?

To open a file for viewing in Yandex.Browser, click the link to where you can download it. To download a file, click Save in the SmartBox.

To open a file that you have already viewed in the browser:

  1. Click   → History.
  2. Click the name of the desired file.

To open a file that you have already downloaded in the browser:

  1. Click   → Downloads.
  2. Click the name of the desired file.

Print a file

To print a file that is open for viewing, click Print in SmartBox.

Change how files are displayed

To change the way a file is displayed, use the icons on the file view panel in the upper-left corner of the page.

Icon Action
Expand the panel
or Align text to the page height or width (this button only appears for documents)

Turn on single-column or double-column display mode (this button only appears for e-books)

Zoom in
Zoom out
Collapse the panel

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to change the zoom:

  • To zoom in: Ctrl + Plus.
  • To zoom out: Ctrl + Minus.
  • To set page zoom to 100%: Ctrl + 0.

Go to a section

To find a chapter in an e-book (with the extension epub, fb2 or

  1. Click   → in the upper left corner of the browser (you will return to the table of contents).

  2. Click the name of the desired chapter:

How do I create a bookmark in a book?

You can create bookmarks in a book if it has the format epub, fb2, or fb2.xip.

To add a bookmark, click in the upper right corner of the browser (it will turn red). To remove a bookmark, click the icon again.

To get to the list of bookmarks, click  → , then Bookmarks.