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Downloading files

How are files downloaded?

When you click on a link to download a file, the file may download on your computer or open in beta-version of Yandex.Browser.

Files open for viewing in the browser if they are in a supported format. If files are in a different format, they download to your computer. As soon as the file starts downloading, it's icon moves to the browser's upper panel, and the download indicator appears beneath the icon.

Attention! Beta-version of Yandex.Browser The browser scans all files you download for viruses.

To download a file that is open in beta-version of Yandex.Browser for viewing click the button Save in the SmartBox:

Where are downloaded files saved?

By default, files are saved in the following folders:

Operating systemDirectory
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users\<user account>\Downloads
Windows XP My Documents\Downloads

To change the download folder in the browser settings:

  1. click the icon  Settings.
  2. In the lower half of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the Downloads section, click the Change button and select the folder.

    Note. If you want beta-version of Yandex.Browser to ask what folder to save the file in and what name to assign it, select the Ask where to save each file before downloading option.

How do I open a downloaded file?

To open the last downloaded file, click its icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.

To open a previously downloaded file:

  1. Click Downloads.
  2. Put the cursor on the file name and click Open.

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