Protect: blocking dangerous pages

Attention. Yandex.Browser warns you when you go to a dangerous site, but it is not a full antivirus product. However, Protect technology defends your browser against computer threats that antivirus programs do not block. We recommend using both for full protection.
  1. Why Yandex.Browser blocks downloaded pages
  2. How blocking works
  3. If you must open a dangerous page
  4. Interaction with antivirus software
  5. If Yandex.Browser is blocking your site
  6. Disable protection

Why Yandex.Browser blocks downloaded pages

Hackers distribute malware that interferes with the browser, and steals, corrupts or deletes information. Dangerous software enters a computer through removable media or the Internet. The browser protects you against malware that is distributed through the Internet.

The browser warns you if a page is infected by malware.

How blocking works

Before you open a page, Yandex.Browser compares it with a list of infected pages. Addresses of infected pages are stored in a special database compiled by Yandex and our partners. A page detected in the database is blocked.

If a copy of the uninfected page is stored in Yandex, you can view it. To do this, click the link to the page with full information on the infection, and then click Safe copy.

The page with full information on the infection also provides information on what malware was detected on the page.

You can ignore the warning and visit a site with dangerous content.

Attention. We strongly recommend that you don’t visit a website with dangerous content. Malicious codes can infect your computer or give hackers access to your personal information and electronic payments.

If you must open a dangerous page

Take the following security measures:

  • Temporarily disable all potentially vulnerable browser components: JavaScript and plugins for displaying PDFs и Flash.
  • After visiting the page, scan your computer with an antivirus or free utilities.

Note that these actions do not protect against infection, but only make it less likely and help with recovery.

Interaction with antivirus software

The security mechanism in Yandex.Browser doesn't conflict with other security applications (anti-virus software and firewalls). If antivirus software is installed in the system, it can detect malware sooner than the browser. In this case, you will see a message from the antivirus rather than the browser.

If Yandex.Browser is blocking your site

If Yandex.Browser blocked your site because it’s infected, delete the malicious code. On the next indexation, the Yandex robot will exclude your site from the dangerous list.

You can use Yandex.Webmaster to speed up indexing. To do this, click the Double check button in the Security and violations section. We recommend a repeat check a few weeks after infection. This will help detect malware if it was not completely removed the first time.

Follow the security rules to protect your site from infection. If you register a site in Yandex.Webmaster, you will be able to get email notifications about infections and view details of infected pages in the Security and violations sections.

Disable protection

Attention. If you want to disable blocking of dangerous pages, you will have to completely disable protection against malware and malicious sites in the browser. We strongly recommend that you don’t do this.

To disable blocking of dangerous pages:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Go to the Security tab at the top of the page.
  3. In the Protect against malicious sites and files section, turn off the Enable protection from sites and downloads option.

Use a similar sequence of actions to re-enable blocking of dangerous pages.