Protect: blocking intrusive ads

By default, Yandex Browser blocks inappropriate and intrusive ads.

  1. Which ads are blocked?
  2. Disable blocking intrusive ads

Which ads are blocked?

  • Animated flash banners.
  • Windows and tabs with ads that appear when tapping a video, an empty space on the page, or when trying to close ads.
  • Pop-up windows that cannot be closed until a video ad is played.
  • Ads that cover a significant part of the content.
  • Ad banners that turn on sound without the user's permission.
  • Ad banners that move when the page is scrolled and close the main content of the website.

Disable blocking intrusive ads

  1. Click   → Settings.
  2. In the Blocking of inappropriate ads section, turn off Block ads that get in the way when viewing pages.