Protect: protected mode

Protected mode is a mode that Yandex.Browser enables on pages of banks and payment systems to make electronic payments safer. In protected mode the browser enables a strict check of certificates. If the certificate is OK, the browser disables the extensions and changes the interface. Protected mode is part of the Protect integrated security system.

Restriction. Protected mode is only available for Windows.
  1. Check certificates
  2. Disable extensions
  3. Enabling the mode
  4. Disabling the mode

Check certificates

In protected mode, Yandex.Browser enables a strict check of HTTPS certificates. Protected mode is not enabled if:

Attention. If protected mode has not been enabled, it is unsafe to make electronic payments and we do not recommend doing this.

Disable extensions

In protected mode, Yandex.Browser disables all extensions other than password managers verified by Yandex. This is to prevent malicious extensions from stealing or tampering with your payment information.

The extensions are re-enabled when you exit protected mode.

Enabling the mode

Protected mode is enabled by default when payment pages are open. The browser’s upper panel and tabs also turn dark gray, and the name of the mode and the icon  appear in the right half of the SmartBox.

If you have opened an online payment page and don’t see changes in the interface, enable protected mode manually.

Disabling the mode

Attention. Disabling protected mode jeopardizes your data. We recommend that you not disable protection.

If you have enabled protected mode on a page by mistake, disable it:

  1. On the right side of the SmartBox, click .
  2. In the Protected mode section, change the setting to Off.