Protect toolbar

Yandex.Browser uses a multifaceted security system called Protect. Information about how Protect handles elements is displayed in a special toolbar. In addition to being informative, the Protect toolbar gives you quick access to your settings so that you can use the internet safely and conveniently.

  1. View security information
  2. Manage security settings

View security information

The Protect toolbar is on the right side of the SmartBox. It displays one or more status icons. To find out more about your current status and security settings, click any icon in the toolbar.

You may see the following icons in the Protect toolbar:

Manage security settings

For your convenience, a few general security settings that apply to all sites at all times are included in the Protect toolbar. To change these settings:

  1. In the right part of SmartBox, click any Protect toolbar icon.
  2. From the window that opens in the Security settings section, select the appropriate options:

Tip. You can also turn Turbo mode and Wi-Fi protection on or off in the Protect toolbar. Your changes will remain active until you restart your browser.

Security settings and rules for handling website elements are also available:

  • For the current site — on the Protect panel by clicking More
  • for all sites — in the browser settings