Protect: sync passwords

During synching, passwords stored in the browser are encrypted and sent to the Yandex server, and then to other synced devices. Password syncing is enabled automatically when the syncing is enabled.

As a result:

  • your saved passwords will automatically be entered into entry forms on all your devices
  • if the computer breaks down, you can restore passwords from the server.

Your password storage is better protected during syncing if you use a master password.

  1. Disable password syncing
  2. Password syncing conflict

Disable password syncing

Password syncing is disabled if syncing is fully disabled. To only disable password syncing:

  1. Click   → Syncing.
  2. Disable the Passwords option.

Password syncing conflict

If you created different master passwords on your smartphones, tablets or computers, there may be a conflict during syncing. For example, you entered one master password on your smartphone, another one on a computer, and then synced the smartphone with the computer. In these cases, the browser does not know which master password must be used to encrypt merged storage.

In case of password syncing conflict the setting icon takes the form . To resolve the conflict:

  1. Click the icon  or click   → Password manager.
  2. Enter the master password created on this computer.
  3. Click Synchronization conflict.
  4. A list of devices on which storage is protected by other master passwords appears. Future actions depend on whether you remember the master passwords you created on other devices.
    You remember master-password for other devices
    1. Click the button Merge with storage on this device.
    2. Enter the master passwords created on other devices one by one.

    Browser will decrypt the passwords from the other devices and encrypt them with the master password created on this computer. Master passwords created on other devices will become invalid. The passwords from the current computer will be added to the merged storage.

    You don't remember master-password for other devices

    Passwords from devices for which you've forgotten the master password cannot be added to merged storage. You will have to delete the password from it. To do this, choose the device and click the button Delete.

    Passwords encrypted with forgotten master-password will be deleted from all the synced devices. The passwords from the current computer will be added to merged storage. The master password created on the current computer will be used to encrypt the storage.

    You can also disallow a syncing conflict. In this case, the passwords will not be synced (the history, bookmarks and other data will be synced as before).

    Note. If you created a recovery key on the other device, clear the master password from it and replace it with the master password for the current computer. Wait for a while until the device data has been synced.

Error message “You have changed your password but your information is still encrypted with your old password”

Passwords are saved in encrypted form on Yandex's server. For encryption, the password to your Yandex account is used as a key. If you change that password, the browser needs to decrypt the passwords on the server and then re-encrypt them using a new key. If an error occurs during this process, you will see the error. To fix it:

  • If you remember your old account password:
    1. Click   → Syncing.
    2. Enter your old password in the sync form.
  • If you don't remember your old account password or didn't change it, then the encrypted passwords will be lost. However, you can restore the remaining sync data:
    1. Make sure that the browser has all the bookmarks, extensions, and settings that you want to save.
    2. Click   → Settings.
    3. In the Syncing section, click Show settings.
    4. Click delete under Syncing. Your profile data will be deleted on the server.
    5. Enable syncing. Data will be sent from your browser to the server.