Protect: checking downloaded files

Attention. The Yandex.Browser beta version blocks downloading a malicious file, but it is not a full-fledged antivirus product. However, Protect technology defends your browser against computer threats that antivirus programs do not block. We recommend using both for full protection.
  1. Scanning downloaded files automatically
  2. Blocking dangerous files
  3. Suspicious file warning
  4. Disable protection against malicious sites and programs

Scanning downloaded files automatically

Files you download from the internet may contain malware or undesirable programs. These programs slow down and block your computer, steal your data, send spam, distribute annoying ads and cause unexpected behavior on browsers.

This is why the Yandex Browser beta version checks all archives and executable files that are being downloaded both explicitly and in the background mode. As soon as downloading starts, the browser selects certain file characteristics and sends them to the Yandex server for checking. Only the problematic part of the file is transferred, in order to ensure that the security check goes as quickly as possible. During this time, the file cannot be opened, and its icon to the right of the SmartBox is semi-transparent.

After the security check, infected or suspicious files are marked with the icon.

Blocking dangerous files

Malware that has entered a computer slows it down or blocks it, and steals, changes or deletes information. It also intercepts passwords, sends spam and infects other devices in the network.

If the file that is being downloaded contains malware, the Yandex Browser beta version blocks it. An infected file is marked with the icon , and you will see a warning if you try to open it.

The browser keeps files containing malware and adds the infected extension to the file name. The file cannot be opened in this form from the browser or using any other software. This means the infected file can no longer pose a threat, but an antivirus program installed on your computer might still consider it dangerous.

If you don’t delete an infected file immediately, you can delete it later:

  1. Click  → Downloads or press the Ctrl + J keys.
  2. Put the cursor on the name of the file to delete and click  → Remove from list.

Suspicious file warning

Some files and archives install programs and extensions that show undesirable ads, automatically open third-party pages in the browser, or perform other actions without your knowledge after you open them.

The Yandex Browser beta version considers these files suspicious, marks them with the icon, and shows you a warning if you try to open them.

It's not a good idea to open suspicious files. If you want to open the file anyway:

  1. Click  → Downloads or press the Ctrl + J keys.
  2. Put the cursor on the name of the file and click  → Open.

Disable protection against malicious sites and programs

Attention. If you want to disable downloaded file checks, you will have to completely disable protection against malware and malicious sites in the browser. We strongly recommend that you don’t do this.

To disable downloaded file checks:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Go to the Security tab at the top of the page.
  3. In the Threat security section, disable the Run security checks on websites and downloaded files option.

Use a similar sequence of actions to re-enable downloaded file checks.