Search suggestions and quick answers

Suggestions in Yandex.Browser will help you compose a search query. If you highlight any word or phrase on a website page,the browser will show an explanation (quick answer) directly in the context menu.

  1. Search suggestions
  2. Quick answers

Search suggestions

Search suggestions are popular searches with the same first letters as your query.

The suggestions list appears beneath the search bar and changes as you type new letters in the search bar. When you see a suggestion that matches your query, you can select it by using the mouse or the Up or Down keys. To go to the search results, press Enter.

You can make a query more specific by adding the text of the selected suggestion.

Yandex.Browser provides answers to frequent queries in the search suggestion list. For example, you can find out the depth of Lake Baikal or the height of Mt. Everest without going to the search results.

Quick answers

Quick answers is a way to get extra information from Yandex in the context menu on web pages. Highlight a word or phrase on a page of any website where you want to get more information and click the button  on the right of the selection.

If you highlight a concept, the context menu contains a short explanation with a link to Wikipedia.

Disabling quick answers

Quick answers are enabled by default. If you want to disable them:

  1. Click   → Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the Context menu section, deselect the Show quick answers from Yandex option.