View tab history

To view a list of pages that were open on this tab:

  1. Open the tab.
  2. Click and hold .

The icon only appears on tabs where you viewed several pages. If the icon is unavailable, go to your entire browsing history.

Restriction. The tab history contains the last 12 pages that were open. If you don't find the page you are looking for in that list, go to the list of your entire history. The entire history contains pages that you visited in the last 90 days. To have access to a site, save it in your bookmarks.

Viewing full history

Click  → History → History or use the Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut .

Removing pages from history

  1. Click  → History → History.
  2. Select the desired pages.
  3. Click the Clear selection link above the list of pages.

Clear entire history

  1. Click  → History → History, and then Clear history in the upper-right corner of the tab.
  2. In the Clear history window, set the period.
  3. Select Views.
  4. If necessary, deselect all other options.
  5. Tap Clear.

Sync the history

Your history is partially synced:

  • The history of pages that you visited on your computer is synced. If you reinstall your browser and then enable syncing, your history will display at browser://history/.
  • The history of pages that you visited on other devices will not display in the browser interface. However, if you sync and then start entering the address for a site that you visited on another device, that address will appear in your search suggestions. Sites pinned to the Tableau are an exception to this rule.

To disable history syncing:

  1. Click  → Save data.
  2. In the What to sync section, deselect History.

Keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures for managing the history

Hold down the right mouse button to perform gestures. Then release the button after you complete the gesture.

Keyboard shortcuts
Open list of downloads

Ctrl + J

Open history

Ctrl + H

Open the tool for clearing your browsing data, cache, and downloads

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Mouse gestures
Go back to the previous page

Go to the next page

Button combinations
Go back to the previous page

Right-click. Holding it down, press the left button.

Go to the next page

Press the left mouse button. Holding it down, press the right button.