Tab groups

The purpose of tab groups

Note. Tab groups are only available in Windows.
With tab groups, you can easily organize your browser. You can create new groups, classify tabs, and move them between groups — all to make your work as convenient as possible.

The Home group contains tabs that you didn't place in any other group. You can't accidentally delete the Home group, so you can use it to store the tabs that you always need close at hand.

You can create as many tab groups as you want, although a large number can overload your computer processor and memory.

Note. Tab groups don't sync. When you use another device, you can see all the tabs open on this computer, but they won't be grouped. To restore groups after restarting the browser, go to the settings and enable the Restore tabs at startup option.

Actions with tab groups

  • Create a group — In the upper-left corner of the browser, click and enter the group name. New tabs will open in it.
  • Close a group (Delete a group) — Click or right-click the group and select Delete group.
    Attention. All tabs in this group will be closed.
  • Restore a recently closed group — Сlick  → History and select Group 4 tabs (where 4 is the number of tabs open in the group).
    Note. Only the last 8 closed items (tabs, groups, or windows) can be restored.
  • Move a tab to another group — Click the tab and drag it to the group that you want. Or you can right-click the tab and select Move tab to different group.
  • Change the width of the group or tab block — Hover over the separator between groups and tabs and drag it to the right or left.
  • View all groups — When all groups don't fit to the left of the separator, the and  icons appear. Use them to scroll right or left to see all groups.

Disable tab groups

  1. Click  → Settings → Interface.
  2. In the Tabs section, disable the Use tab groups option. The groups will be deleted, and all tabs will be restored outside of the groups.

Keyboard shortcuts for tab groups

Switch between tab groups
Switch to the Home group

Alt + Shift + 1

Switch to the first created group

Alt + Shift + 2

Switch to a group by its number

Alt + Shift + 3–8

Switch to the last group

Alt + Shift + 9