Browser-based web applications

Add your favorite services to the side panel to use them as web applications. Open them with one click and use them in a separate window, rather than searching for the tab. For example, you can view messages in Yandex Mail or organize a meeting in Yandex Telemostwithout opening the main the Yandex Browser beta version window with many tabs.

There are also web applications for popular messengers, social networks, and online games.

You can add sites that use Progressive Web Application as web applications, including some popular resources that we support on our own.

Note. Not all sites are adapted to web applications, but new ones are regularly added to the catalog. If you can't add a site, write to us using the form.
  1. Install
  2. Run
  3. Web application windows
  4. Web application menu
  5. Hide or delete
  6. Keyboard shortcuts


  1. Click  on the side panel.
  2. In the Yandex apps, Messengers, Social networks, or Performance section, right-click the necessary application.
  3. Select Install application.

Not all sites work correctly as applications. If you encounter this problem or can't add a site, write to us using the form.


Note. To learn about available web applications and receive news, click   → Settings → Interface and select Get news about apps.

There are several ways to open a web application quickly:

Via the side panel

On the side panel, click the application icon or .

Note. To hide an application from the side panel, right-click it and deselect the application.
Via the SmartBox

Open the website and click Open application in the SmartBox.

Pin to Windows taskbar

You can run the application via a shortcut on your desktop, from the “Start” menu, or from your computer's task bar. To do this:

  1. Open the web application.
  2. Right-click its icon in the taskbar and select Pin to taskbar.
Add to Windows autorun

The application will run every time you start your computer. To do this:

  1. Right-click the web application icon in the side panel.
  2. Select Run at Windows startup.

Web application windows

Note. Some Yandex Browser functions are available in the web application window. For example, you can open links in separate tabs, run extensions, and use reader mode and other tools.

There are three modes in which you can use the web application window. To select a mode:

  1. Run the application.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the window that opens, click .
  3. Select one of the options:
    Separate window

    In this mode, you can pin the site to the Windows task bar and use it as a separate program.

    The application opens in a separate window. If you want it to always appear on top of other windows and programs, click  → Keep on top.

    You can change the window size by dragging the borders. You can also move the window by clicking and holding the upper application panel with the left mouse button.

    To close the window, in the upper-right corner, click .

    in Windows, you can switch in its mode between windows using the Alt + Tab keys.

    Pop-up window

    Use this mode if you need to get information from the application quickly and then close it. For example, if you use an online dictionary.

    The application opens in a small window on top of the main Yandex Browser window. The window's size and position do not change.

    To close the window, left-click anywhere outside of it.

    Sometimes it is more convenient to use the mobile site version in the pop-up window. To open it, click  → Open mobile version.

    Pinned window

    In this mode, you can view another service (such as chats, mail, or online broadcast) while using the main window.

    The Yandex Browser window is divided vertically into two parts, and the application opens in the left (smaller) part. To increase the size of the left part, drag the border to the right.

    To close the pinned window, click in the upper-right corner or the app icon on the side panel.

    Sometimes it is more convenient to use the mobile site version in the pinned window. To open it, click  → Open mobile version.

Web application menu

To open the menu, click . In the menu, the following options are available:

  • Keep on top: the application window will be displayed on top of the windows of other programs until you disable the option or close the application. This option is available only in the Separate window mode.
  • Go to homepage: go to the application's start page. You may use this feature if the Home button is missing on the application's website.
  • Copy URL: copy the address of the open page of the application's website.
  • Reload application: refresh the page of the application's website.
  • Open in browser: the application window will be closed and the application will open in a new Yandex Browser tab.
  • Open mobile version: open the mobile version of the application. Sometimes a mobile version of a website looks better in a pinned or pop-up window than its desktop version.
  • Delete application: delete the application from your computer.

Hide or delete


In the side panel, right-click and deselect the application.


In the side panel, right-click the application icon and select Delete application.

If the application is not on the side panel, click  and find it in My apps. Right-click it and select Delete application.

Keyboard shortcuts

General questions
Refresh page


Ctrl + R

Stop page loading


Find on current page

Ctrl + F


Go to the top of the page


Go to the end of the page End
Scroll down one screen



Scroll up one screen


Shift + Space

Maximize the window to full screen or exit full screen mode F11
Move one tab to right

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + PageDown

Move one tab to left

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Ctrl + PageUp

Select tab by its number order (from 1 to 8)

Ctrl + 1-8

Select the last tab (regardless of its number)

Ctrl + 9

Close active tab

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + F4

Open last closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

Open link in new tab Ctrl + click link