Frequently asked questions about anonymity on the internet

Data that allows you to identify yourself is considered personal. For example, your name, email address, voice, face, visited sites, and location. To keep your personal information secret, use Incognito mode to open suspicious sites. It's not effective to delete your browser data after you visit a site, since a hacker might steal it during your visit. Furthermore, if you delete browser data, you risk losing information that you need (such as your passwords).

Data collection

Prohibit sites from collecting information

Send data

All the situations when data is transferred to the server are listed below

Incognito mode

Turning Incognito mode on and off


Where is the browser cache?

Clear the cache


What is a cookie?

Remove or block cookies for all sites.

Delete all cookies

Delete or block cookies installed by a webpage

Redirect loops


How is information autosaved to be used to fill out forms?

Turn off form autofilling

Delete all form-autofill data


Allow a site to detect your location

Prohibit all sites from detecting your location