Simplified mode

Simplified mode is automatically enabled to save resources on weak computers, such as those that have less than 2 GB of RAM or 1 CPU core. This mode disables functionality that is not very critical for the user (such as background animation). This allows the browser to work faster.

  1. What happens in simplified mode

What happens in simplified mode

In simplified mode, Yandex Browser:

  • Reduces the frame rate of videos and games on the page.
  • Forcibly uses the video card for video playback (so weak processors are not overloaded by HD video decoding and their resources are not used up).
  • Disables the animations in browser interface elements, if it is too CPU-intensive (e.g., animation in tooltips).
  • Disables background animation.
  • Disables “transparency” of interface elements (for example, the top bar no longer uses the main color of the open site).
  • Reduces the activity on background tabs (such as the frequency of auto-refresh).
  • Restores only the active tab when you restart the browser.