Browser synching between devices

Syncing involves data exchange between browsers on your devices. For intermediate data storage, the Yandex server is used. The data is passed to it over a secure channel, while passwords are passed in an encrypted format. Data on the server is protected by the authorization system used on Yandex services. Syncing allows you to access data from all your devices and restore data if your device is lost or broken.

  1. What is synchronization?
  2. How do I enable syncing?
  3. Changing the list of data to sync
  4. Delete synced data
  5. Disable syncing

What is synchronization?

Note. Do not enable syncing on other people's or public devices, it's safer to use Incognito mode on them.

By default, syncing applies to tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history, extensions, plugins, and AutoFill data.

Syncing lets you:

  • Use the password manager on your synced devices (automatic entry of passwords, encrypted password vault, and recovery of website access if you forget your master password).
  • View open tabs, bookmarks and sites that are saved to your Tableau on your synced devices.
  • Configure the browser similarly on all your devices.
  • Recover passwords, bookmarks, tabs and browser settings, even if something goes wrong with your device.

You can turn off syncing or adjust the list of data to sync at any time when using the browser.

How often is data synced?

After you enable syncing, data will be synced each time you change data that is stored on the server. For example, when you add a bookmark on your computer, the browser sends it to the server and simultaneously downloads all the changes you've made on your other devices since the last syncing.

How do I enable syncing?

Attention. If your browser has multiple profiles, make sure you are in your own profile before syncing (otherwise you might mix your data and settings with the data from someone else's profile that is currently active).

In order for syncing to work you have to:

  • Have Yandex Browser installed on all the devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  • Have the same Yandex account used on all the devices.

When syncing, there are two ways to sign in:

To enable syncing:

  1. Click  → Save data.
  2. On the Syncing page, enter your Yandex username and password. If you are not registered on Yandex, you can:
    • Register on Yandex by clicking the Create account link.
    • Log in to Yandex via your social media account in VK, Odnoklassniki,, Facebook, Twitter, or Google (click a relevant social media logo). In this case, a Yandex account is created automatically.
  3. Tap Enable syncing.
  4. Follow the Change settings link and select the data you want to sync.

    At this stage, the browser will offer to install an app for working with — a service that stores your files on Yandex servers free of charge. If you have already installed this app, the browser prompts you to turn it on, so you will be able to store browser files on Yandex.Disk.

  5. Click Close.
Note. The first time you turn on device syncing, it may take from several minutes to half an hour. The data is downloaded gradually to avoid slowing down the browser.

Changing the list of data to sync

  1. Click  → Set up sync.
  2. Turn on options that allow you to sync only the data you need.
Note. The cache does not sync. Credit card numbers that are used when forms are autofilled also do not sync.

Delete synced data

Attention. After the data has been deleted from the server, no one can recover it. Do not delete your synced data if you just want to stop syncing a computer you no longer use. In this case, disable syncing for the computer, and then manually delete passwords, history, bookmarks, cache and cookies from it.

To delete data from all your synced devices:

  1. Click  → Set up sync.
  2. Click Delete synchronized data.
  3. In the Would you like to delete this information? window, click Yes, delete to confirm that you want to delete all account data from the synchronization server.

After that, your data will be deleted from the server. During the next synchronization, it will also be deleted from all synced devices linked to your account.

Disable syncing

  1. Click  → Set up sync.
  2. Click Disable syncing.