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Bookmarks and open tabs

Open tabs on different devices

After syncing devices with a Yandex account, you can view tabs open on another computer, tablet, or smartphone. This feature is useful in the following situations:

  • If you have two computers — a work computer and a home computer. You looked at a website on your work computer and didn't close the tab. At home, just open it and continue working.
  • If you have a mobile device and a computer. You found an interesting website on your smartphone or tablet, and you want to view it on a larger screen.
To be able to do this, these requirements must be met:
  1. Yandex.Browser should be installed on all your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  2. You must have syncing enabled on all your devices.
  3. The same Yandex account should be used for syncing on all devices.
To view tabs opened on other devices in Yandex.Browser:
  1. Click  Settings.
  2. Go to the Other devices tab.

  1. Click  Settings.
  2. Go to the Other devices tab.

  1. Click  on the right side of SmartBox.
  2. Go to the tab .

  1. Click on the tabs panel.
  2. Click to the left of the Tableau.

Bookmarks on various devices

After enabling syncing, your browser will display bookmarks from all other synced devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). Bookmarks from devices of the same type are combined into one list. For example, if syncing is enabled on two computers and your smartphone, then you will see a Computer section in your smartphone bookmarks, which contain bookmarks from both computers.

  • If you add or delete bookmarks on one device, then these changes will be reflected on your other devices, provided that they're connected to the internet and logged in under your account.
  • If you create bookmarks for the same page on different devices, then the bookmark that synchronizes with the server first will be saved.
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bookmarks on different devices
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