New Browser features

Side panel

Use the Side panel to manage your music, save important notes, and quickly search for relevant information on a page, in history, bookmarks, notifications, and Yandex services.


Now you can select a different color for your browser interface and choose a shape (rectangular, rounded, trapezoidal) and position (top, bottom) for the tabs.

Video popup

On the Internet, you can watch movies and do other things at the same time, for example, read up on the actors or check your email. In many browsers, you have to switch between tabs to do this. In Yandex Browser, you can open a video in a separate window on top of other windows. You can use keyboard shortcuts to rewind or pause the video, or adjust the playback speed.

Payment card manager

You don't have to enter your card details every time you make an online payment: you can store your card data encrypted in the browser or on the Yandex server. Using the password and card manager, you can add, change, and delete your card data.


We have grouped the settings to make it easier to find them. Follow the contents chart on the left to go to the selected settings category.

Folders on Tableau

You can add more sites to the Tableau using folders. To do this, drag one site on top of another, or click the Add link under the Tableau.


When you find something interesting on the Internet, you want to keep it at hand. In Yandex Browser, one click is enough to save articles, images, videos, movies, or places to the Yandex.Collections service. You can create a collection for any subject, for example, “Home design ideas”.