How to get started

You can start working with your data in Yandex.Audience and Yandex.Direct in just three easy steps:

  1. Prepare a file with user data

  2. Upload the file to Yandex.Audience and create a segment

  3. Use the segment you created when you set up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct

A segment can be created not only from a data file, but also based on another segment. Read more about this type of segment in Similar users segment.

You can also use Yandex.Audience segments to set up ad campaigns in Yandex.Display.

Step 1. Prepare a file with user data

This file can contain email addresses, mobile phone numbers, or mobile device IDs. The file must have at least 1000 data strings and must meet the file requirements.

If you have security concerns, the data in your file can be hashed (md5). In this case, every data string needs to be hashed separately.

How a TXT file containing email addresses appears without hashing:
Step 2. Upload the file to Yandex.Audience and create a segment

Open Yandex.Audience and click Create segment. Enter the name for the segment, choose its data type, and then select the file you've prepared. If the data in your file is hashed, check the box marked Hashed data. Check the box to confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and click Create segment.

The segment you create will be assigned the “Processing” status. Processing can take up to thirty minutes.

While processing, Yandex.Audience will find matches between the data in your file and all of Yandex's accumulated data. For example, Yandex.Audience can identify your client as a user of one of Yandex's services or a visitor to a Yandex Advertising Network site based on their email address.

Cookies found in these users' mobile apps and browsers will be added to the segment. Since an individual can use several different devices and browsers (for example, at home and at work), the number of newly-found contacts and the new segment coverage figure may not be equal.

If more than 1000 such contacts are found, the segment status will change to “Finished”. Then you can use this segment to set up your ad campaign.

Step 3. Use a segment you created when setting up an ad campaign in Yandex.Direct

Open Yandex.Direct. You can use Yandex.Audience segments for:

  • ad retargeting lists (to serve ads on content sites)

  • bid adjustments

  • creating statistical reports

To set retargeting lists for content site ads, go to the ad creation or ad editing page in the Yandex.Direct web interface. In the Target audience section, click Add retargeting list. Choose which Yandex.Audience segments you need and then click save.

You can create complicated retargeting lists based on a combination of Yandex.Audience segments and Yandex.Metrica goals or segments.

Learn more about Segments in Yandex.Direct.