Segments based on location data

You can create a segment based on data about users in specific locations.

Click Create segment and choose Based on Yandex dataLocations. Enter the segment name. Choose how to add locations:

Search for locations or mark them on the map, then add them to the segment.

To search for locations, you can use their names, addresses, or geo coordinates. Specify coordinates without the degree symbol (°), dashes, or extra letters. For example: 55.755831,37.617673. The search will only cover the visible map area.

Found locations are added to the Search section and identified on the map with blue markers. You can add all the found locations to the segment with a single button. To add a specific location to the segment, click the row or the marker on the map.

After it is added to the segment, the location marker turns red and the row with the address or coordinates appears in the Locations section. You can add a maximum of 1000 locations to a segment.

To delete a location, click the marker on the map. The marker turns blue, and the row with the address or coordinates disappears from the Locations section.

Type in or paste a list of desired addresses or geo coordinates, one location per line. Click Add to locations. If a line doesn't have any locations found, or multiple locations are found for it, this line is ignored when adding the locations.

You can add a maximum of 1000 locations to a segment. If you have previously added locations to this segment, they will all be lost when you add a list.

To remove a location, click in the row.

Increase the active radius if you are interested in the surrounding areas rather than the locations themselves. You can choose a radius from 0.5 to 10 km.

Determine how often your target users should be located in the area added to the segment:

  • Audience: currently located – The segment will include the contacts of users who are in the selected area right now, or who were there less than an hour ago.

  • Audience: frequently visits – The segment will include the contacts of users who regularly spend time in the selected area. For example, this might be people who live or work nearby. Data for the past 45 days is used when selecting users.

  • Audience: was "N" days per "period" – The segment will include the contacts of users who meet this condition. For example, this could be users who were in the selected area on 10 days during the past month. For the period, you can use a week, a month, or three months. Multiple visits during the same day count as one visit.

You can change the active radius and the frequency of visiting the selected area at any time, either before or after adding the location.

The segment you create will be assigned the “Processing” status. Processing can take up to thirty minutes. If more than 1000 such contacts are found, the segment status will change to “Finished”. Now you can use this segment to set up your ad campaign.