Segments based on Yandex.Metrica data

Yandex.Metrica is a web analytics service for sites. To work with Yandex.Metrica, you need to create a tag — a special code embedded on all site pages. It passes information about the site, its users, and site events to Yandex.Metrica.

In Yandex.Metrica, you can set goals and segments. Use the goals to track specific user actions on your site. For example, when the user opens a promotion page, puts discounted items in the shopping cart, or proceeds to checkout. Segments provide details about the user: how they got to the site (from social media or from Yandex search), what device they viewed the site on (a mobile phone or a desktop computer), as well as their sex and age.
How to create a goal for viewing pages with discounts

In Yandex.Metrica, go to Settings → Goals and click Add goal. Enter the goal name and the conditions for completing it.

This will enable you to create a segment based on traffic from social networks.

In Yandex.Metrica, go to any report and set filters for sessions and people. Click Segment → Save as and specify the name of the segment.

You can create a segment in Yandex.Audience based on the data from your tag or from a tag you have editing guest access to.

In the Segments tab, click the Create segment button and choose Based on Yandex data → Yandex.Metrica. Enter the name, the tag and the criteria for selecting users. Note that the segment is based on data from the past 90 days.

The segment will have the “Processing” status. Processing can take up to two hours. If the audience coverage is at least 100 anonymous IDs, the segment's status changes to “Finished”. You can now use it to configure your ads.

If access to the tag is revoked or changed to read-only guest access, the segment's status changes to “Inactive” and the ads in it aren't served.