Yandex.Audience is a service that lets you use your own target-audience data and Yandex and DMP-provider data to set up ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display.

The service is easy to use. In Yandex.Audience, you can:

Create audience segments using your own data

Upload data from your CRM to Yandex.Audience to serve ads to your customers.

Find potential customers with look-alike technology

Find users who are similar to your existing customers in terms of their interests and behavior on the internet.

Work with the audience of your site or app

To serve ads to people who visited your site or installed your mobile app, create a segment based on Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica data.

Select an audience based on location

Attract customers who are currently near your location or frequently spend time in the area. To do this, use Yandex location data to create audience segments.

Work with the audience of your media ads

Create pixel-based segments and target your ads at people who have seen your media banner or video.

Use data provider segments

Generate segments from DMP data and use these segments for .

View segment statistics

Learn how users are distributed across gender, age, city and device type. You can also see the extent of similarity among users, their interests, and their lifestyle.

Grant access to your segments to other Yandex accounts

You can use the same segment to configure advertising in your Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display accounts. Learn more about access control.

Yandex.Audience has an that lets you manage your segments and access to them.