Experiments can help you check which Yandex.Direct advertising campaign settings are the most efficient for your business. For example, you can:
  • Find out how different types of campaigns influence each other.
  • Analyze the impact of ad impressions on your website's conversions.
  • Compare the efficiency of automatic strategies and manual bid management.

Experiments let you check your assumptions about advertising efficiency, and test campaign setting combinations, campaign types, and even media plans.

To do the testing, create an experiment in Yandex.Audience and use it to set up Yandex.Direct advertising campaigns. Experiment statistics are available in Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Metrica.

For more information on how to conduct experiments, see the Yandex.Direct Help.

Creating an experiment

In the Experiments tab, click the Create experiment button. Enter a name and select the Yandex.Metrica tag you want to use for the experiment. You can add up to five tags.

Select the number of segments and the shares you want to divide your audience into. The Other segment is added by default for users who are not included in other segments. The audience will be randomly divided into segments in proportions corresponding to the set shares. When added up, the shares should make 100%. You can create up to 100 segments in one experiment.

For example, you want to know whether using ad network impressions will increase website conversions. To do this, you can serve search and network ads to half of the users, and only search ads to the other half. This means you should divide your audience in half.

The shares may be uneven. For example, if you are afraid the expenses will significantly increase as a result of using networks, you can show network ads only to 30% of your audience, while the remaining 70% will see only search advertising.

You can create up to 200 experiments. You can use experiments in Yandex.Direct immediately after creating them.

After the experiment is over, you can analyze its statistics. To view website statistics, click Results next to the corresponding tag. You will be redirected to the report on the corresponding experiment in Yandex.Metrica. To learn more about reports, go to the Yandex.Metrica Help . Campaign statistics are available in Yandex.Direct.


Editing and deleting experiments

Once creating an experiment, you can edit only the names of the experiment or the segments. You can't delete the Yandex.Metrica tags you selected when creating the experiment, but you can add a new one.

Once the experiment is created, you can't delete or add a new segment. You can delete only the experiments that aren't used in your Yandex.Direct advertising campaign.