Moving contacts

Addappter allows you to move contacts from an iOS device to an Android device. To move contacts, you need to have the iTunes program installed on the computer.

  1. How to move contacts
  2. Contacts are not moved or are only partially moved

How to move contacts

  1. Connect the iOS device to move the contacts from. In Addappter, click the Contacts transfer button.

  2. In Addappter, click Transfer from current device. Addappter will start copying the contacts. Wait for the operation to finish and disconnect the device from the computer.

  3. On the destination Android device, turn on USB debugging mode. Then connect the device to the computer.

  4. In Addappter, click Transfer.

Contacts are not moved or are only partially moved

Make sure the direction of the contact transfer is correct: from the iOS device to the Android device. Also, check if iTunes is installed on the computer.

If Addappter reports that the destination phone is not supported or that the transfer is only partial, reconnect the device and try to move the contacts again.

If you can't move the contacts, contact the support service.