Downloading books

You can use Addappter to download books to the customer's device. The books are provided together with the Cool Reader application for reading them. The application is installed automatically when the books are downloaded.

You can download books either separately or at the same time as application installation.

To download books:

  1. Choose the books to install.

  2. Download the books to the device.

Choosing books to install

Connect the device to the computer and click the Setup button in Addappter. The Applications window opens. To switch to the book downloading mode, click Books in the upper part of the window.

There are several ways to download books. You can use any method or combination (for example, choose a book bundle and add the missing books, or search by genre).

Choose book bundles

Bundles consist of books of a similar type (for example, encyclopedias, prose, and so on). To choose one or more book bundles, choose Bundles from the menu in the left part of the window. To install only certain books from the bundle, not the whole bundle, click the icon next to the bundle name and choose the books.

Sort the books by genre

In the left part of the window, choose Genres and click on the name of the genre. You can choose books of several genres to download.

View the list of all books

Choose Books from the menu in the left part of the window.

Find a book

Enter the book title in the search field in the upper part of the window. The search is performed across all books, regardless of how they are selected (by bundle, by genre, or from the list).

To add a book to the list for downloading, click its title. The book is added to the Selected for installation block (in the right part of the window). To cancel the book download, point the mouse at the book. Click the icon on the right to remove the book from the list.

In addition to books, you can choose applications to install. The chosen applications are installed on the customer's device at the same time when the books are downloaded.

Downloading books to the device

Click the Start installation button. Addappter will begin downloading books and installing Russian language support on the device. Don't disconnect the device from the computer until all operations are completed.

The downloading procedure is similar to installing applications.