Problems with installing applications

Not all of the applications were installed

Check the list of applications on the device and reinstall the missing applications:

  1. Disconnect the device from the computer.

  2. Open the list of applications and make sure that the selected applications were not installed on the device.

  3. Connect the device to the computer and reinstall the applications. Only missing applications will be installed, so the process will not take much time.

If the installation was successful but the missing applications haven't appeared on the device, contact the support service.

There are few or no applications in the program

You might have the smart setup feature enabled. Also, you might be viewing application bundles or applications sorted by genre. For the list of all applications in Addappter, see the Viewing available applications section.

Immediately after the installation, Addappter contains only a few applications. If the computer has Internet access, application updates are performed automatically.

Installation statistics are not updated

Installation statistics are collected all the time and sent to Yandex automatically.

If your installations were not included in the statistics, make sure that your computer has access to all necessary resources on the internet and all program updates are installed. Also make sure that your store's address is specified in the program settings correctly.

Try resending the statistics by pressing Ctrl + S.

If the computer is connected to the internet and all settings are correct, but statistics are not updated, contact the support service.

Installation of applications lasts more than 10 minutes

Application installation time depends on the number and size of the chosen applications, as well as on the device performance.

If the installation process freezes at some step, it may mean that the device was disconnected from the computer. Disconnect the device from the computer and restart the program. Then connect the device again and repeat the installation procedure.

If the application fails to be installed, contact the support service.

The device is reloaded while installing applications

Perhaps the device is not supported by Addappter or is maintained incorrectly. Contact the support service about this problem. In your message, specify the name and version of all browsers installed on the device.