A website in search contains my personal data

In accordance with paragraph 3.1 License to use the search engine Yandex indexes pages of websites created by third parties. However, Yandex is not responsible for the quality and content of such pages. Websites are indexed automatically without prior or subsequent moderation of pages as to their conformity with legal regulations, ethics and morals, as well as any other censorship.

Information will not be found by the Yandex search engine if such information is removed from the website where it is posted, or if access to such information is otherwise restricted. Pages are removed from the search index automatically.

If you do not want your personal data to be found in search results, contact the owners of the websites where it is posted and request them to remove it or restrict access to it. If website owners refuse to do so, you can report them to the website host provider or to law-enforcement authorities. Once the information is removed from the source website or its indexing is otherwise prohibited, it will automatically no longer be displayed in Yandex search results.


Please use this form if information that has been removed from the source website is still available in the Yandex search results.