Information was removed from the source website but still appears in Yandex search results

Yandex search makes it possible to search pages of open access websites. Website pages are searched automatically by robots on a regular schedule. If content is blocked or removed from the source website, or access to the website is otherwise restricted, any link to it is eventually removed from search results automatically.

There may be delays in search engine indexing. This means that information about removed or blocked content (and a saved webpage copy) may still be found in Yandex search results for a while. If your search results contain a link to previously deleted or blocked content or an outdated cached copy of a page, please let us know using the form below.

In the form, you can add the link to a specific website page that earlier contained the removed information and is still showing up in Yandex search results. Report each link separately.

Examples of links
You can specify links to website pages
You can't specify
  • Links to search result pages:
  • Temporary links from search results:

Please note that the form is not intended for reporting links to images found on Yandex Images. If you have a question about photos/images found on Yandex image search, see Report Yandex Images search results.

Note. This page will show the feedback form and results of your report processing when you log in to Yandex. It usually takes several days to update search results. Please wait a few days after submitting your report to avoid duplication.