A website in the search results contains content that violates my copyright

The Yandex search results contain generally available internet content. Search engines cannot remove content from the websites of other parties, but even if Yandex search results do not contain links to such pages, the content will still be generally available on the internet and, unfortunately, your rights will still be violated.

Yandex automatically provides search results to users in accordance with their queries, but does not control the content of the found pages and does not bear responsibility for it. If you discover that your exclusive rights are violated on pages available in Yandex search results, please contact the administrators or hosting providers of the respective websites. If the content in question is blocked or removed from such pages, or access to them is otherwise restricted, links to them will automatically be removed from search results after a short time.

There may be delays in search engine indexing. This means that information about removed or blocked content (and a saved webpage copy) may still be found in Yandex search results for a while. To report a page with information that has already been deleted but still appears in the search results, go to this form.