My personal data or my image was uploaded to Yandex.Disk

In accordance with our policy and the principle of anonymous content restrictions, we will need your official report in order to restrict access to the content violating your rights (files, photos, comments and other materials). If you represent a person whose rights have been violated, please attach a copy of a valid power of attorney to your report.

The report must be signed and contain the following information:

  1. What is the violation and in what way have the applicant's rights been violated?
  2. What information are you reporting (insert direct links (URL) to these materials)?
  3. What specific actions do you want us to take?
  4. Your contact information – full name and mail address, as well as your contact phone number and email.
  5. Number of your main identification document , issue date and the issuing body.

You can download the report template in pdf format here.

You can send a scanned copy of your report to us as an attachment to this application or by fax ( +7 495 739 70 70 marked: to support service). After scanning or faxing your request, please don't forget to send us the original by mail to 16 Lev Tolstoy St., Moscow, Russia 119021 (see for more information).


Support service employees make sure all reports conform with the described procedure, any action can only be taken after we receive the scanned or faxed copy of your signed report.