Introducing Ilya Segalovich Award in Computer Science

Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX), a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning, has announced today a yearly award for students and faculty in computer science and related fields, named after Ilya Segalovich, a Yandex co-founder and creator of the first version of the Yandex search engine.

The award is designed to reward academic achievement and support research contributing to technological advancement in the key areas of Yandex’s expertise. It is available to graduate or postgraduate students and academic advisors in computer sciences or related fields studying or working at research or educational institutions in Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan. Students can apply for the award by nominating themselves, while academic advisors must be nominated by their students or colleagues.

"Yandex has always been inextricably linked with science. All our technologies are based on developments that would not have been possible without a strong school of mathematics and fundamental science. With this award, we want to support researchers who, like us, are engaged in computer science and are creating the technologies of the future. This award has Ilya’s name. Ilya was a strong believer in progress and did a lot to support the IT community," says Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex.

The Ilya Segalovich Award supports students and academic advisors working on research projects in speech recognition and speech synthesis, information search and data analysis, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and machine translation. Yandex is proud to rely on a team of world-class specialists and experts in these fields, who have an impressive track record of published articles and conference presentations, and whose contribution allowed us to create technologies for the key Yandex products, including search, automated translation, intelligent voice assistant, and driverless car.

The total of 13 million rubles (about $200,000) will be awarded to thirteen winners chosen by the award committee consisting of Yandex experts. Student awardees will receive 350,000 rubles (about $5,300) in monthly installments for a year, a grant to travel to an international conference on artificial intelligence, and an offer of an internship with a personal mentor at Yandex. Academic advisors will receive a reward of 700,000 rubles (about $10,600) in monthly installments for a year. The award ceremony will take place this April in Moscow, with the application deadline at the end of February.

The Ilya Segalovich Award is a natural extension of Yandex's support for education and science. The company has been running a range of educational projects since 2008, which include the Yandex School of Data Analysis for graduate and postgraduate students, and Yandex.Lyceum for secondary school students. Yandex launched the Department of Computer Science in partnership with the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2014, and started the Ilya Segalovich scholarship for graduate and postgraduate students in this Department.