HeidelbergCement: working with customers in the digital era

  1. Challenge
    Unlock advanced customer service for direct cement deliveries from
    HeidelbergCement factories
  2. Solution
    Leverage RouteQ to track deliveries
  3. Results
    Transitioned all HeidelbergCement customers to the free service, introduced them
    to easy text notifications and a familiar tracking interface
About the partner

From its offices in Russia, HeidelbergCement produces and supplies trademark cement and other non-metal building materials. The company’s elite quality and service standards run directly in line with the HeidelbergCement group of international companies. As a global leader in construction materials, the group is represented in more than fifty countries. 

Russia is home to terminals in Murmansk and Kaliningrad in addition to a new non-metal plant in the Tula region. The company also runs three cement plants in the country, one each in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Leningrad region, and the Tula region. 

Partner companies handle deliveries primarily by vehicle. 

A focus on the client 

Ever since its founding, HeidelbergCement has held steadfastly to customer-centricity as its guiding light. Each step the company has taken toward digitalization has been built around thoroughly understanding and meeting client needs. 

One step along that journey was moving sales and delivery processes online. Leveraging technology means offering complete transparency to clients. 

With that goal in mind, the company built a system customers can use to: 

— Track their orders and deliveries
— Keep an eye on their account balance 
— Review orders and invoices
— Download reports and financial documentation
— Check in with suppliers 

The personal account will also soon see functionality added to let customers place orders online. 

Transforming the delivery process with RouteQ 
Once an order is placed online, needless to say, the customer needs to have it show up at their doorstep. And when it comes to the impression that the customer walks away with, timeliness and transparency are king. 

 That realization pushed the company to build transparency into the delivery process by handing customers everything they need to know about their orders. It even comes in a convenient and familiar package to make sure they don’t have to come running back to support with questions. 

HeidelbergCement works with at least thirty different transport companies at any one time. Easy integration is therefore key. As the company was looking for a solution, they knew it couldn’t burden the contractors’ IT infrastructure or the customers using it. 

RouteQ gave HeidelbergCement a tracking tool with a landscape of information detailing current orders out for delivery, including for each contractor and recipient. Customers, in turn, enjoy tracking links and text notifications that let them know when their deliveries will be arriving. 

Order details like cement brands and license plate numbers are included in the messages. Tapping on the link pulls up a screen that shows where the delivery vehicle is, not to mention its ETA. In other words, it’s just like ordering a taxi. 

The first month and a half saw HeidelbergCement bring thee cement factories online. Route tracking and order placement began happening over the internet, and notifications were sent out to customers. Over the following month and a half, the company rolled the service out to all its contractors. Its entire delivery ecosystem was on board. 

When the project earned rave reviews right off the bat, headquarters decided to integrate it into the company’s internal ERP system. Their high-end approach to vehicle deliveries even paved the way for a quick turnaround. 
Onboarding clients and enhancing customer service 
The service currently enjoys a thousand recipients who have tracked a total of around 80,000 orders to date. More than 50,000 contractor vehicles have been registered. 

And it couldn’t be easier for customers to find their way into the system. One request sent to HeidelbergCement, and a customer relations manager registers their phone number. Activation takes less than a day, leaving them all set to track their orders in real time. 

Since nobody likes just sitting around, the algorithm sends a message to delivery recipients half an hour before their order is expected to arrive. That gives them time to make sure they’re ready to quickly unload. Wait and unloading times, in fact, have been more than halved thanks to that approach. 

Back at the office, the HeidelbergCement logistics team keeps a close eye on quality metrics for all contractors. The uniform system has empowered them with common denominators they can use to compare and contrast. Ultimately, the system has gone beyond enhancing customer service to give everyone in the delivery chain unparalleled transparency regardless of their role. 
Implementing RouteQ: results and figures. 
  1. Wait and unloading times cut by more than half 
  2. New quality control metrics for all contractors in a single location 
  3. 100% of vehicle delivery customers transitioned to RouteQ within a month of rollout 
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