Yango.Deli: managing replenishment process for 350+ dark stores in Russia
X5 Group (Vprok.ru): handling 15 000 daily orders with 95% arrival accuracy
Yandex.Market: building own delivery to support 2.5 YoY growth in orders to 6.9 MM in Q2 2021
Carlsberg Group (Baltika): building transparent supply chain with 300+ 3rd party providers in 2 countries.
Utkonos Online: implementing flexible time slots to deliver 15% orders more with the same resources.
Kolomensky Bakery: handling high accurate delivery of more than 400 tons of baking goods to 8000+ stores daily.
Simple Group: using dynamic route planning to add 10% more orders to courier's route
Yandex.Routing helps major bank set up in-house delivery service
Online jewelry store launches its own courier service
HeidelbergCement: working with customers in the digital era
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