Helps to achieve logistics challenges

Reduce route planning time & eliminate manual processes
Improve courier service efficiency and cut logistics costs
Enhance the delivery experience for customers
Bring transparency to supply chain management to boost sales

Logistics Platform for Business

  1. Automated Route Planning

Solve huge routing problems in reasonable time (i.e. #1000 orders in 15 min, #15 000 — in 45-50 min)

- Higher efficiency of your couriers reduces your delivery costs by 20%. - 100% automated results, minimal manual intervention. Realistic schedule and 95% accuracy of arrival times.

- 100+ routing parameters. Highly configurable to meet your unique needs. Our solution covers all common delivery models. - Scale operations and boost efficiency with the same resources.

100+ parameters for any operations needs

  • Weight&volume constraints
  • Multiple delivery windows
  • Time on site/readiness time
  • Loading/unloading sequence
  • Penalties for late/early service

  • Capacity and load capacity
  • Start/finish from any stop
  • Different vehicles cost models
  • Several shifts and runs in a day
  • Max/min stops number
  • Time to prepare the vehicle
  • Multiple depots in one task
  • Depot capacity / time of loading
  • Flexible start time from depot
  • Penalties for late/early service
Algorithm options
  • Routes resistant to changes
  • Proximity factor to support delivery areas.
  • “Load-when-ready” option
  • Orders groups, incl balanced
  • Delay management by probability

  1. Fleet Track & Trace Platform

Dashboard – helicopter view on delivery process
  • Delivery status for every order/ courier in real time
  • High accuracy ETA prediction and against the schedule status
  • Detailed information about the route of specific courier
  • Quality report with key performance metrics
  • Get tracks from any popular GPS or special mobile app
Courier mobile app — tool for field service personnel
  • Orders execution list and interactive map representing the delivery area
  • Set the list of delivery process statuses. Auto- and manual delivery option
  • Courier can re-build the route manually or automatically to inform manager about any changes in delivery process
  • Courier can communicate with recipient directly from application
  • Direct chat with manager at any time with courier app
  • Available on Google Play and AppStore
Customer updates
  • Convenient way to be up to date about the delivery status
  • Notification alert about courier soon arrival
  • Flexible settings for notifications model
  • Integration options for interactive widget
Typical results
Vehicles utilization
Arrival time accuracy
5 times
Faster planning
Decrease in miles driven 
1 day
To start using the service
Requests to the call center about the delivery status
Why Yandex. Routing?
  • 15 years of expertise in geo technologies
  • In-house algorithms to calculate average travel time of each road segment to ensure high-accuracy ETA.
  • High-load platform, 99.9% uptime (SLA)
  • Unique route optimization algorithm based on machine learning and proven in smart urban environment.
  • Daily technology usage in own operational businesses Yandex.Go, Lavka, Market and many leading companies in Russia and CIS
Integration model
Industry specific tasks
Retail & E-commerce

For E-commerce & E-grocery, we efficiently manage high order volumes with fewer resources minimizing operating expenses and cost per order.

Precise delivery time prediction increases customer satisfaction. Our automated route planning enables customers to extend their order cutoff times, which provides an advantage over competitors

Delivery providers

For Last Mile Delivery services we provide a specialized "last-mile" delivery platform.

This is a flexible and powerful toolkit designed to meet any operational model, and helps to reduce Cost per Stop and maintain a customer-centric focus.

FMCG & Production

For FMCG manufacturers we offer a platform that improves on-time delivery results and ensures optimal fleet utilization depending on the seasonal demand.

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