Expand your audience in Russia with Yandex.Direct
Boost your sales with a leading advertising platform serving your ads to Russian speakers all over the world
Yandex.Direct is your gateway to the Russian market
Brand awareness
Increase your brand awareness and generate interest in your product using banner ads, video or audio ads on websites or in apps, as well as digital outdoor billboards. CPM.
Performance advertising
Convert customer interest into actions and purchases using text or banner ads on Search, banner ads or video ads on websites, in apps, on Smart TV, as well as indoor or outdoor billboards. CPC.
Retain current customers and encourage repeat purchases using Smart banners that advertise what the user is already interested in. CPC.
Targeting for keywords and related keywords
Define your target audience using filters related to marital or parental status, income and profession as well as their online behavior, interests, current location and the time of their visit
Machine learning-based autotargeting matches your ads to specific user queries
Retargeting technology seeks out customers who have indicated their interest by visiting your website or making a purchase
Look-alike technology finds your potential customers via Yandex.Audience
Bid adjustments adapt your bids according to user characteristics, ad formats, and other criteria
Pre-configured reports
Include the most popular cross-sections and statistics in tables or charts.
Report Wizard
Get detailed statistics for all of your campaigns and evaluate the effectiveness of specific keywords and ads.
Learn which actions on your website lead visitors to purchases, as well as what they do on your site. Set goals, track conversions, explore your site's audience and evaluate the quality of your site and its usability.
Receive €200 ($200 or ₣200) promocode and the full support of your own Growth Consultant when you add €500 ($500 or ₣500) or more to your account

Expand your audience with Yandex.Direct

Fill out this form, submit it to contact us and receive €200 ($200 or ₣200) promocode toward your first ad campaign and the full support of your personal manager when you add €500 ($500 or ₣500) or more to your account. 
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