Your first campaign, without the effort

We’ll prepare your first campaign for you ― from scratch and for free — while taking the specifics of your business into account. We’ll also fill you in on how to manage your ads in Yandex.Direct to get more clients

We will help you figure out:

Which search queries are most likely to be relevant for your target audience
How to exclude users outside their target audience to save their budget
What to mention in ad texts to best attract users to your site
Which ad extensions will make your ads more appealing and your offers more attractive

How it works

How much it costs

We will set up one search campaign for you with 100% discount. We will help you launch ads for a basic keyword list and show you how to avoid typical beginners’ mistakes. Our offer is ideal for advertising one or two products or services with a small starting budget.

Time to introduce yourself

To give us a better idea of the goals you have for your business — you want to promote your site, enter a new region, or increase sales — please fill out this form. It won’t take long, and will help us set up the right campaign for you.
*We will check everything and contact you promptly. Please wait for the results. We will help you if any additional documents are required for your campaign.
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