AvtoGERMES Hyundai 
Car dealership ∙ Auto repair shop ∙ Tire fitting and repair
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Loan processing, wheel balancing, leasing registration, vulcanization, payment by credit card, tire storage, authorized service, tire fitting, basic service, Car Wash, test drive, registration, inspection, wheel alignment, diesel service, Wi-Fi, preliminary registration, cafe, anti-corrosion treatment, trade-in, official dealer.
  • For disabled peoplefor people with impaired musculoskeletal system, for people in wheelchairs
  • BrandHyundai
  • Auto insurance typeKasko/Osago
  • Auto salesused, new
  • Repair sevicesa/c recharging and rapair, car window protection, aerography, repair of brake system, plastic bumper repairs, auto repair, engine repairs, full car sevice, oil changes, car respraying, installation of parking sensors, tinting, running gear repair, computer car diagnostics, car electrician repair, steering racks repairs, nozzle cleaning, fuel injector cleaning, car alarm, gearbox repair, polish, repair of drive shafts, repair of fuel system, automotive electronics repair
  • Extras tirealloy painting, tire recycling, car rims rolling
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АвтоГЕРМЕС Hyundai - Дилер года 2020 по продажам SUV!Hyundai|14 Февраля 2020 На ежегодной дилерской конференции HYUNDAI, компания АвтоГЕРМЕС...
19 February, 03:08
Hyundai Creta
692000 ₽
Hyundai Elantra New
834000 ₽
Hyundai Santa Fe
1634000 ₽
Hyundai Solaris
471000 ₽
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